Interactive Fiction: Traditions vs. Potential

(the interactive supplement to Mordechai Buckman's GDC 2013 poster session)
Unfortunately, I was not able to get this game ready in time for the GDC. I plan to have it up by the end of April.

Scene #1

A married career woman is at home, getting ready for bed, when she receives a phone call with terrible news: her great aunt in England is dying.

Scene #2

A shy young woman works up the nerve to ask a handsome man to go on a date with her.

Disclaimer: might not work in Opera

Scene #3

The detective's murder investigation is interrupted, when the butler stabs her in the back!

Scene #4

A man who spends most of his life looking after his sickly father gets an excellent job offer in another state. He wonders whether he can leave his father and take it.
These scenes are meant to be a random cross-section of the sorts of scenes that you'll find in a good story. But there are hundreds of other kinds of scenes, and I truly believe that all of them can be translated into dynamic interfaces. The only reason I haven't included other examples is that it would take many lifetimes to cover everything. But if there is some kind of moment you'd like to have in a story, and you're not sure how you can translate it into a dynamic interface, send me the scenario at and I'll see if I can point you in the right direction. (Bring it on!)

For a slightly longer example of the dynamic interface concept in action, play my earlier game "Gamer Mom".

Credits: All the scenes were designed, written and programmed by me. My wonderful wife Yardena Rosner gave me some details for scene #1, some art for scene #2 and the photos for scenes #3 and #4. My good friend Moshe Trapido contributed ideas and art which I've used in scene #3. I have butchered their work mercilessly, however, so ultimately the blame for shoddiness should be directed at me.